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  • awatar MPdoll: Nareszcie pokazałaś na blogu swoje skarby ^^ Bo ja tu czekam i czekam... ;)
  • awatar Shareen: Jejku, jaka piękna !
  • awatar Ayu&Ana: Z tą kokardką wygląda przecudnie!
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Wita się.

Jeszcze bez mejkapu. Zdjęcie z Gdyńskiego meeta by Druuna.
  • awatar Ayu&Ana: Oooooooch, jest piękna!
  • awatar arszenikk: No, nareszcie ją dałaś. Myślałam, że się nie doczekam >.< Ale wiesz co? Nawet bez mejkapu wygląda ślicznie.
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Marchen Waltz has posted teasers for Summer Limited Moon Light Dream Aimee head, and Aimee the Twin Heads. More information should be available soon.
  • awatar Ayu&Ana: No bez tych wielgachnych oczu wygląda niebo lepiej!
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Wpis tylko dla właściciela minibloga

Wpis prywatny. Może go zobaczyć tylko właściciel minibloga.


DIM (Doll in Mind) has posted new Tania. The Love line girl can be purchased as a full doll or as a head only. A “sleeping head” is also available. Tania is cast in normal skin resin.

Basic Tania will come with a random color pair of acrylic eyes and a random wig. The full doll will come with both heads and with a choice of the 56.5 Love body or the 57.5 Love body 2.0. A face-up is optionally available.


D-Storic has posted an event for June.

From the company:

D-storic Event of June~!! ^——^<

EVENT of June
1. D-storic going to raise “D-storic 1st limited edition” for Event of June!
(COMING SOON) Wandering Child – Club Girl’s
Order Period: June 11 to until June 24 (Event of limited time)

2. Events of the 15% DC for Head and Body from June 1 to until June 10.
Please have many attention! XD

Doll Artist Bimong has completed a life-size BJD. The new doll IZI, has been posted on the website. She is 177cm tall (5.8ft including head). IZI takes 30 mm eyes. IZI will be sold with a slip, a face-up (pure or smoky style), a random color pair of eyes and a random wig. She wears human size clothing.

Shoes size
in Korea: 230mm / United states: 6 / Europe: 36 / England: 4 / Russia: 34~36

Cloth size
in Korea: 44 / United states,Canada: 2 / Europe: 34~36 / England,Australia: 4-6 / France: 76 / Italy: 80
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MuDoll has introduced new Dotories dolls Ella, Ida and Jules. The 28 cm tall dolls are being sold blank with a random color pair of acrylic eyes, Glib wig and a doll case. An optional outfit in pink, blue or yellow (top, shift, stockings) can be optionally ordered. To celebrate the Dotories dolls release, the company is offering a birthday special for June.

From the company:

Dotories’ Birthday Event [ June 1st - July 31th ]

1. Eye upgrade :
Dotories basic set is upgraded with 14mm glass eyes instead of acrylic eyes.

2. Wig upgrade :
Available to select 6-7″ wig instead of random wig. Please remark the wig item you want among 6-7″ wig in mudoll.com. If you don’t leave a wig name, 6-7″ wig will be selected randomly.

3. Coupon event :
10% off coupon will be issued once we confirm the shipment Dotories doll set.
(The 10% coupon is valid to Dec 31th 2012)

This event is for the customers who purchase Dotories basic set from 1st June to 31th July 2012.

Doll artist Marmite Sue is now taking pre-orders until June 29th for for her new resin doll. Delivery is expected in September.The information can be found at Angel Egg.

The dolls are being cast in white, cream, normal pink, normal yellow and tan. The artist selected her Dentelle type body for the resin cast. The dolls comes with a face-plate system with different styles to choose from. They will either be strung with elastic or with a spring system.
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Granado has added new photos of Fayette to the website. The new pictures show Fayette without the floral eye cover “Cupid’s Petal”. Only 30 dolls with the resin flower are being released. So far, half have been sold.

From the company:

We have updated pictures of Fayette’s basic version. (Without Cupid’s Petal part.)
Please check it here: http://doll-granado.com/xe/3278
Fayette – Titania Version is still on sale. We still have about 15 Cupid’s Petal parts.

VIP members who wish to have the doll cast in sunshine skin resin can make a special request.

Porcelain doll artist Marmite Sue has expanded into resin dolls. Her first pre-order for dolls cast in resin recently closed. The dolls are being cast in white, cream, normal pink, normal yellow and tan. The artist selected her Dentelle type body for the resin cast. The dolls comes with a face-plate system with different styles to choos from. They will either be strung with elastic or with a spring system.

Little Monica is planning to release a new version of their new 1/4 size doll Irin. Little Harmony Gloomy Irin will be revealed in June.

Marchen Waltz will be releasing Ceylon very soon.

From the company:

JUN 2012.
CEYLON, Marchan Waltz will start his tea times.

*Type name : CEYLON
*Releasing date :JUN,1ST,2012 PM40 (Korean standard time)
*Configuration : Normal skin CEYLON HEAD PARTS

Hope you give a lot of support and interest to our child CEYLON.
Thank you.

The Ceylon head can be purchased blank or with a choice of face-up (5 styles available). The head is being cast in normal skin resin. Ceylon is compatible with Volks (or similar size) 58~62cm tall girl bodies or 58~62cm tall boy bodies.The body Body type on shown in the photos is Volks SD10 girl body.

The Gem has released Special Order doll Jet – Desert Mercenary. Super Gem Jet is being cast in normal skin resin. Customers can order him with the simple or new extra pose version Super Gem body. Face-up and body blushing are optionally available. Only 50 dolls will be released. The pre-order period runs until June 13 (it may close earlier if all 50 dolls sell.) During the pre-order period Jet’s outfit (robe, pants, sash, belt, hand armors, necklace, hair band and muffler), wig and boots will also be available separately.

Dream of Doll has brought back DOI Duncan. The 70 cm tall doll is being sold as a full-set only. He will be available for pre-order May 29-June 29. Duncan will come with face-up, a random color pair of acrylic eyes, outfit, wig and an additional set of hands (long nail, black nail paint can be requested). Shoes are not included but can be ordered separately on the site.
  • awatar arszenikk: @msstein: Zabawne, bo to też moja pierwsza jaką widziałam i również teraz bym się nie pokusiła xD
  • awatar msstein: Jej... pierwsza lalka którą odkryłam... Ale teraz nie chciałabym jej mieć.
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